IEEE International Conference on Data Stream Mining & Processing

Запрошуємо прийняти участь з доповіддю у 2018 IEEE Second International Conference on Data Stream Mining & Processing.

Hybrid Systems of Computational Intelligence

Information processing systems which combine different aproaches of Computational Intelligence, for example, artificial neural networks which are learnt by evolutionary algorithms, neuro-fuzzy systems, wavelet-neuro-fuzzy systems, neuro-neo-fuzzy systems, particle swarm algorithms, evolving systems, deep learning etc.

Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition

Video Streams that are fed from video cameras in an online mode under environment uncertainty and variability conditions.

Dynamic Data Mining & Data Stream Mining

Data Mining problems (classification, clustering, prediction, identification etc.) when information is fed in an online mode in the form of data streams.

Big Data & Data Science Using Intelligent Approaches

Systems of Computational Intelligence (artificial neural networks, fuzzy reasoning systems, evolutionary algorithms) in the tasks of Big Data processing (high-dimensional data) where data are stored in VLDB or fed in an unlimited data stream. Natural Language Processing – machine learning using to get the semantic objects from natural language; the deep learning methods for natural language understanding


This event to share resources and ideas with all scientific associations and R&D departments of IT companies.

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